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Graph-Tune 1.0 - electric turbo / supercharger dot they really work ? Stay tuned and find out!

Graph-Tune 1.0 is a private project & experiment, started year 2021 and is ongoing as you read this..

In this project a 100%  electric driven “Turbo” / compressor will be installed on a old veteran motorcycle. The motorcycle will be dyno-tested and the results will be shared regardless outcome.

The project will also contain a AFR (Air Fuel Ratio)-data logging solution  to make it possible to connect the computer to the vehicle and log the exhaust values. Values will be visualized in a graph for further analysis, a perfect instrument for further optimization and make it possible to not guess whats the best settings is for the vehicle.


The motorcycle will also be rebuild in CaféRacer style.


This website is also one of the tasks in this project and the idea is to make a community with help of the FORUM and the BLOG, make us poeple share knowledge about all kinds of "e-boosters" and AFR-data logging solutions​.

Let´s share knowledge and build together.. join our FORUM 


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What will the results be.. stay tuned and find out!


(electric compressor / "Turbo")


Lifting power - 10-30% increase in engine power

Economical fuel - fuel consumption reduced 3-10%

Environmental quality - LCD, HC, NOXJ reduced by 30% or less

Protects the engine - Reduces engine wear due to deposits


Operating voltage: 12V-16V test value

Drive current: 26A measured value

Shutdown voltage: 0.8V throttle practical value

Full-speed voltage: 0.9V-2.2V use value

Linear drive: 0.9V-2.5V measured value

Speed range: 6800RPM-32000RPM

Wind speed range: 5m / s-86m / s measured value

Wind pressure range: 0.05kg / cm-0.2kg / cm with turbine test value

Adjustment mode: Throttle voltage signal is activated

Fan power: up to 240 watts


AFR-solution (Air Fuel Ratio)

More info is coming.. not a finished draft, concept is under development!


Test object  (CaféRacer)

Suzuki GS 450cc, 1981.

Engine type:Air-cooled inline-2 4-stroke, DOHC, 4 valves

Cylinder displacement:448 cc

Bore x stroke:71,0 x 56,6 mm (2.795 x 2.228 in.)

Compression ratio:9,0 :1

Carburetor:Mikuni 34 mm x 2

Maximum power output:42,3 hp (31,1 kW)/ 9.000 rpm

Maximum torque:36,6 Nm (3,7 kg-m)/ 7.500 rpm


Starting system:Electric starter

Generator:Three-phase A.C. generator

Battery:12V 12Ah

Clutch:Multiple plate wet


Final drive:Chain

Wheelbase:1 385 mm (54.5 in)

Dry weight:175 kg (385 lbs) (abt 190 kg/418 lbs wet)

Frame:Tubural steel craddle

Front suspension:Oil-damped anti-dive telescope

Rear suspension:Swinging arm, coil spring, oil damped,

5-way adjustable spring preload

Front fork stroke:140 mm (5.52 in.)

Rear wheel travel:100 mm (3.94 in.)

Front brake:Single disc

Rear brake:Drum brake

Front tyre:3.00-18

Rear tyre:3.50-18

Weight/power ratio (kg/hp):4,2


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